Zhifan Zhu

I'm a second year PhD student in Computer Vision at the University of Bristol, supervised by Prof. Dima Damen.
My interests are in video(ordered images) understanding, egocentric vision and 3D reconstruction of dynamic objects and interactions.

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I obtained my master degree at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 2021, and my bachelor degree at the same university in 2018.


EPIC Fields: Marrying 3D Geometry and Video Understanding
Vadim Tschernezki*, Ahmad Darkhalil*, Zhifan Zhu*, David Fouhey, Iro Laina, Diane Larlus, Dima Damen, Andrea Vedaldi
NeurIPS, 2023
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Teaching Experiences

COMSM0085 Overview of Software Tools, University of Bristol. 2022, 2023
COMSM0045 Applied Deep Learning, University of Bristol. 2022, 2023


Visualising 3D rotations generated from various methods. Webpage
Fourier Transform of N-Dimensional Gaussian Distribution. PDF